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Birthdate:Sep 25
Location:California, United States of America
Hallo dere! Welcome to the journal of a 45-year old who's still trying to make sense of it all. My posts are marked as 'Friends Only'; so feel free to "friend" me. I usually "friend" back. Note that, with my schedule, I have difficulty reading and posting, and I often catch up on weekends or when I'm on vacation. I may scan through various posts during the week and not always comment.

Disclaimer This journal belongs to an adult gay male, and, as such, may include images, topics, or discussions of an adult nature. Persons who are under the age of majority are not allowed to read my journal. If you do, it's your own damned fault, and I disavow any responsibility for your immature act. This disclaimer is here in accordance with LiveJournal policy.
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